July 2, 2015

HUNTER×HUNTER - Who is Chrollo Lucllfer's model?

No, 2 Chrollo Lucllfer was modeled on hyde

Chrollo Lucllfer

Yoshihiro Togashi likes hyde(L'Arc-en-Ciel).


Hideto Takarai (寶井 秀人 Takarai Hideto, born January 29, 1969 in Wakayama, Japan), known exclusively by his stage name Hyde, is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, record producer and actor. He is best known as vocalist for the rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel, as well as for Vamps. While in L'Arc-en-Ciel his name is stylized as hyde, whereas in his solo work and Vamps it is stylized as HYDE.

From wikipedia

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